The Meridian Club is located on Pine Cay, an island just to the north east of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Easily accessible from the USA, Canada and Europe, though we regularly get visitors from further afield.

Visitors to Pine Cay fly into Providenciales International Airport (PLS). PLS is serviced by many major airlines from an array of destinations in the US, Canada and the UK. From there, a brief 15-minute taxi ride to a nearby marina leads to a wonderful 25-minute boat ride directly to Pine Cay. (There also is private plane charter service available from PLS to Pine Cay, that guests may arrange, though most guests opt for the taxi and boat transfer.) Any stay booked directly through The Meridian Club website that are 5-nights or longer includes complimentary transfers (taxi from airport to marina and boat ride marina to Pine Cay and return) from Pine Cay to PLS airport on day of arrival and departure.

The journey from Providenciales International Airport to Pine Cay using the taxi and boat method is approximately 40 minutes.

Good to Know…

In order to permit daylight transfers to and from Pine Cay, we advise our guests to try and book a flight that arrives into or leaves Providenciales no later than 5pm in the spring, summer or fall, and 4pm in the winter. For the same reason, it’s also easier if your flight out of Providenciales doesn’t depart before 9am. If you discover that you cannot meet this requirement, please don’t worry. Simply let us know and we can easily arrange discounted accommodation for you at one of the hotels on the mainland for your first or last night.

For more information on flights and getting to Turks and Caicos, see this useful Travel Information from our friends at Turks and Caicos Tourism Board